Daily Archives: March 9, 2003

Back On Track

One of the things we have to get used to now in this new kitchen is the electric stove. After using gas for two years, it’s quite the adjustment. This is a brand-new stove, too, so it makes little pops and groans as we break it in, so to speak. It’s fiercely hot, although it takes a while to get there, unlike our previous gas stove, which was poof! hot as soon as you turned it on. Some day I will learn to only bake a single sheet of cookies when I’m trying out a new oven, so I don’t ruin two whole sheets of cookie dough.

The rest were just peachy, though. Mmm.

I’ve been reading up a storm this past week – it’s one way to escape the semi-chaos that still exists around here. (Mind you, ‘chaos’ to us means that we don’t have things up on the walls yet.) I’ve read Robin Hobb’s Golden Fool, which was even better than The Tawny Man; Jenna Starborn by Sharon Shinn, which is billed as a space opera and gothic romance retelling of Jane Eyre; Shatterglass, the final book in a YA fantasy tetrology by Tamora Pierce; and I’ve just reread Silver RavenWolf’s Beneath a Mountain Moon as well. None of them even made it to the “Currently Reading” table at the right. It might have had something to do with my reluctance to sit down at my computer, as overwhelmed as the desk was with piles of stuff as we sorted through boxes.

Speaking of which – all my books are now unpacked! Huzzah! I’ve had to double up all the bottom shelves, which means that a third of my books are hidden behind another row, but tha’s what you get for giving away a bookshelf just before the move. I’m fairly certain that I know where everything is now. (Fairly certain. Not positive, but fairly certain.)

The antibiotics proceed to drag me back from the brink of heart-rending, dramatic death. All hail Pfizer and their 7$-a-tablet pills!

On the work front, it looks like I might have a freelance editing contract for a privately published history, which will be nice; I have to sit down and think about how long it will take me to smooth out, copyedit and generally proofread a 100 page document in order to have a final figure to submit for the proposed budget. If there’s something I hate almost as much as deciding on how much my time is worth, it’s gauging how long it’s going to take me. At least after all that soul-searching a month or so ago, I had a ready answer when I was asked what my rates were.

We’re headed over to the South Shore tonight to my in-laws’ place for dinner, and then the Brier final on a glorious big screen TV. This is good, because the only channel we receive on our TV right now is CBC, and it’s really grainy. I’d rather not have to try to figure out who’s who during a bonspiel like this!

So, slowly but surely, things are getting back on track. I’m feeling more human than I have felt in quite some time now, which is a good thing, no?