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Thank you, everyone, for your cheerful support. My dermatologist couldn’t even find one of the moles he’d said he wanted to remove this morning. Not that it wasn’t there, just that he kept looking at the few in that area and said, “Well, I’m not sure which one I was worried about; all these look just fine. So we can cross one off our list today.”

As some of you told me, the worst part was the waiting (we were half an hour early, and he was running forty-five minutes late; I finished reading the last half of the book I’d brought with me and the nurse called me just after I’d closed the cover) and the injection of anaesthetic. You weren’t kidding when you reassured me that the area went totally dead. The only way I knew something was happening was because I could feel the skin around the deadened area moving a bit. This stuff was so much better than the dental anaesthetic that was used on me in the past! The numbness started wearing off on the highway home, though. I just need to be aware of how I hold my arm when reaching for things.

I was amused by the waiver they had me sign before it all. Yes, I agree to have the doctor cut these off; and yes, I agree to a biopsy; and yes, I acknowledge that I may have a scar. I laughed out loud at that last one. Seriously? I have scars from cat scratches that are probably worse than this one will be.

So that’s done, and I’ll just call in six weeks to make sure the results are in, then I’m good for another year.


Yesterday I got a surprise book in the mail with no clue as to the sender, and this morning I got some Peaches & Cream tea from DavidsTea! The book is from our friend Helen in Australia (actually, I have two friends named Helen in Australia, thanks to the magic of the Internet), and the tea may be as well. Random acts of kindness are so special, and it came at a good time and cheered me up.

In mostly unrelated news (because being happy is what being treated for depression is all about, right?) I met with my doctor this morning. He says the numb/tingling tongue issue is odd, because I’d been taking the medication for a while at a lower dose for fibro with no side effects, but to be sure he wants me to take it at the half dose again for a few days. If there’s no reaction, I’m to up it to the full dose again and watch for the same tongue thing. By that point we’ll be at our next appointment in a week’s time, and we’ll go from there. If it turns out I’ve developed a sensitivity to it, we can switch to the medication I was on twelve years ago, but he wants to make sure I have a sensitivity to this one first, to resolve the open issue, so to speak. He doesn’t want to leave a question mark in my file; if I have a reaction to it, he wants to be able to confirm it and enter it in my permanent file. I can understand that. And he doesn’t think it’s dangerous, or he wouldn’t ask me to do it. Although I did the right thing by coming in, he assured me.

So we’ll reboot the medication, and see where it goes. La.