The Secret History of Fanta

Well, this is disturbing:

Coca-Cola GmbH (Ed. note: this is the German division of the multi-national corporation)

All those hippies on a hill teaching the world to sing in perfect harmony always did strike me to be a bit sinister. It turns out Coca-Cola’s swastika connection is not limited to the Robowaru incident. Coca Cola GmbH sponsored the Nazi Olympics of 1936 (and I am looking at you Beijing 2008) and only had its syrup supplies cut off upon the belated American entry into WWII. The company turned around and invented Fanta as the replacement Nazi soft drink. Who knew? An exhibition seeks to recreate Coke ads of the period that are inexplicably difficult to track down.

Coke advertised in the Nazi Army paper shortly after the invasion of Sudetenland, the ad was a picture of a hand holding a bottle of coke over a map of the world, the slogan was “Yes we have got an international reputation.”

(Found over at Ghost of a flea.)

Gives a whole new meaning to the idea of being in a position to teach the whole world anything. Brrr.

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