Witches Weekly: The Moon

Another dark, overcast day. I feel like I’m working in perpetual twilight. The prevailing gloom of the past couple of weeks is really getting to me.

Witches’ Weekly has a new set of questions up:

Do you celebrate and/or perform moon magic on the Esbats? If so, why?

Depends. I view moons (full, dark, whatever) as an opportunity to commune more than anything else. I do use lunar energy to fuel spells when necessary (not that I do a lot of them), but magic is never the sole purpose of an esbat for me.

Do you feel that the phases of the moon affect the energies of the waves and people?

Yes. Duh. I’m female, and a Cancer Sun, Pisces Moon. I’m quite aware of how the moon affects people.

What type of magic do you best associate with the moon?

Depends on what phase the moon is in. I go on the fritz when there’s a dark moon: I sleep badly, communicate badly, and don’t remember what I’ve read or studied. If I do ritual around a dark moon, I tend to be quite emotional, and as I know emotion fuels magic I have to be very, very careful. I find that I use waxing energy more than any other energy; I just tend to do random workings during that phase more than any other phase. As a rule, I use lunar energy for gentle enhancement of whatever work I’m doing.

Maybe it’s the greyness of the day, but I’m craving chocolate. And I’m so sick of tea.

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