Research Crisis

I woke up with way too much pep at a ridiculous hour this morning. Got up, dragged all my notebooks and research texts and my pencil case to bed in order to work…

and discovered that I had only one coloured sticky index tab left.


You cannot possibly imagine the depths of my despair, because you’re not me. I’m a stationery geek – no, not as in immobile, that’s stationary. I mean stationery as in paper and office products. Notebooks, pens, pencils, staplers, paper clips, Post-It notes, coloured sticky index tabs that you position on a page to indicate An Important Point You’ll Want to Refer To Later.

These things have been my life lately. Yellow for references to the Brigantii tribe; red for references to the goddess Brid; green for healing references; purple for general goddessy stuff I’ll work in later. Blue for whatever. It’s a system. Every academic has his or her system. Ceri has index cards. I have sticky tabs.

When I’m stuck for inspiration, I buy a new pen. When I begin a new research project, I buy new coloured sticky tabs.

I ought to look upon this crisis as a Meaningful Milestone, namely that I’ve done so much research that I’ve come across a couple of hundred important points. At the moment, however, I’m just glum. Even promising myself a trip to Bureau en Gros on the way to work isn’t brightening my day as much as it could.

Although I do need new highlighters; my current ones fade out after thirty seconds of use. And I need a new package of paper for the printer, too.

Well, fine. So I’ll stop and pick things up. If I leave now. I’ll have an extra twenty minutes to poke about before I have to be at the store for noon for my shift.

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