Joy of Socks

Remember those electric heaters that were installed last summer? The ones we haven’t really tested yet because it hasn’t been cold enough?

Guess what. Yep. They’re next to useless when the temperature goes below minus ten Celsius.

Have I mentioned that it’s numbingly cold here in Montreal recently? As in minus thirty-nine-ish?

I have recently rediscovered the joys of wearing socks to bed. Last night I wore full pyjamas plus a flannel button-up nightgown over them. Over the past five years I have grown used to not feeling cold; my husband, the portable furnace that he is, usually makes up for any lack of warmth in the air. And yet, even he’s finding the apartment cold these days. Even more than my multiple layers of clothing, this fact is proof to me that the heaters are substandard and the landlords were cutting costs.

Let’s see – spring is in, oh, seventy days or so?

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