Book Browsing

So naturally now that I have a lovely big pile of books of and about Norse mythology, I’ve decided I’d rather be reading fiction.

This necessitated a spontaneous trip downtown to second-hand bookstores, where I found four (yes four) out-of-print fantasy titles, plus a Terry Pratchett book (who sells off their Pratchett?), and a nearly-new copy of a recently published book. Then as I wandered through Chapters with my notebook, taking down more titles to look for in second-hand shops, I came across a discounted hardcover edition of a title I’d noted down almost a year ago. Yay me.

What a gorgeous day; it was so nice to be strolling city streets. Everyone’s in a much better mood come the beginning of summer. It won’t last long, of course; soon everyone will moan about the humidity and the heat. Until then, however, I’ll enjoy the sun and the smiles.

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