Owlet: 52 Months!

Or, the December 4 post covering November 2015. I lose track, so I figure you do, too.

The big accomplishment this month was that Sparky taught her how to play video games, and now she pesters him to play Disney Infinity (we have the Avengers set, and she likes playing Hulk, which is hilarious) or Skylanders (which is on the way out popularity-wise in this house, thank goodness).

We finished reading Little House in the Big Woods, and have moved on to Little House on the Prairie. Or, as Owlet calls it, “Mary and Laura on the Prairie.” It pulls no punches as it begins. I forgot that their dog vanishes during the unexpectedly dangerous creek crossing and is assumed drowned; I had to reassure Owlet that the dog wasn’t actually dead. There was a long discussion about what actually happened and why Ma and Pa were so scared about the creek suddenly surging in a flood while they were fording it, because it’s never explicitly described in the text; you just get Laura’s version of how it felt and sounded from inside the floating wagon.

(Also, wow, my respect for Caroline Ingalls has deepened now that I’m rereading this series as a mother. Sure, Charles, let’s leave a perfectly good house and support system and travel west for weeks in a wagon while we have limited food, in unknown, unpopulated country, while dragging three young children with us. Different times, I know, but when she says “Whatever you think best, Charles” I hear “Nothing I say is going to change your fool mind, so I’m going to conserve my energy and focus on keeping myself and my children alive.” And then their new home turns out to be three miles into Indian Territory and they have to up stakes and move AGAIN within the year.)

Owlet’s been fussing about choosing music to fall asleep to, taking longer and longer to decide, so one evening I made an executive decision and put one of of my playlists for her to listen to. It’s called ‘Ethereal Elf,’ and it’s all the elf music drawn from the LOTR and Hobbit scores. She wanted to know what it was, so I told her.
“The music sounds sad,” she said.
“It is,” I told her. “It’s about a beautiful e!f called Arwen Undomiel, also called the Evenstar. She is sad because the world is changing, and because she misses someone she loves very much.”
“Who is that?”
“His name is Aragorn. Good night.”
“But Mummy, how is the world changing? Why is it changing?”
“Well, it’s the nature of life to change. Change often isn’t good or bad; it just is. Good night, sweetheart.”
“Is Aragorn dead? Is he an elf, too?”
“I am not summarizing the entire Aragorn and Arwen subplot from the LOTR Appendices. You can read it yourself when you are old enough. I love you; GOOD NIGHT.”

This month she drew this charming picture of Jiji, starting from a circle someone traced on the paper for her:

And I leave you with this delightful exchange, which occurred when Sparky tried to tell Owlet a joke at the end of the month:

Sparky: Hey, what has two humps and is at the North Pole?
Owlet: An envelope!!!
Sparky: No, a lost camel.

The joke totally lost all steam after her answer, because it was more out there than his punchline.

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