Owlet: Four Years Old!

Owlet is FOUR!

Okay, the biggest thing this past month was the glasses, coming in right under the wire three days before her birthday.

She got her first bike for her birthday! It’s a stride/balance bike. We probably could have gotten her one with pedals, but the weight of those plus learning how to pedal, plus the not-such-a-success of that with Sparky… well, when I found this balance bike at a super awesome price, we chose this route.

This past month she also decided to start using my fountain pens! Proud mum, right here.

We’ve been dropping Sparky off at camp every day, and Owlet is very taken with one of the teachers who staffs the sign in/out desk. This woman happens to be Sparky’s piano teacher, so we are very interested in piano all of a sudden. She’s taken to asking to watch videos on YouTube of little kids doing their Suzuki book 1 recitals, mostly piano and violin, but she sometimes asks to watch cellists, too. I inquired (iron, hot, etc) and the teacher said they like to start them around age 5, around the time they’re learning to read, although it depends on the child; she had a 4 1/2-year-old who had just started, for example. But she told me about an intro to music course the arts centre runs for three- to six-year-olds, which covers rhythm and movement, and every week they learn about a different symphonic instrument. (This is convenient for them to do because the arts centre teaches all kind of music lessons with various instrumentalists.) So we’ll hit the open house the weekend after Labour Day and check it out. They start violinists as early as three years old, though, so if Owlet is utterly taken with that at the open house… well, we’ll have to see. I think the intro course is the best bet for now.

Owlet is super into crafts these days. Her drawing has improved and focused, and her scribbles are resolving into recognizable things. She drew me next to a present for my birthday, and there’s even a multi-layered cake up top:

(What is everything else? Who knows. Fireworks?)

She also uses her art to charmingly inflict guilt for no apparent reason. “See? This is me. I’m crying. I’m crying because you made me so, so sad. Those are tears on my face. In the rain.”

She had the last two weeks of July off daycare, and there were many trips to Michael’s for craft kits and art supplies. I still find it mildly amazing that I can set her up at the table on her own, and she can glue things to other things and cut stuff up with her plastic scissors. Like this dragon. It may look like a warped Tonka truck to you, and indeed that’s what it was intended to be. Part of her ‘happy vacation’ goodie bag from school, it started out as a huge sheet of card stock with punchout pieces that you fold and slot together to make a 3D truck. She sat down with her little plastic pinking shears at the kitchen table and cut it all up, then used a glue stick to put pieces together to make a dragon.

As of her annual checkup, she is 17.1 kg (that’s 37.7 pounds) and exactly 100 cm tall (one meter, yay!). She’s wearing between size 8 and 9 shoes, depending on the style, and size 4 or 5 clothes. (Except the 18-24 month leggings she wears under her dresses; they’re like knee-length playground shorts, and I never thought she’d fit into them again, but she has stretched out and slimmed down so much that they have a second life.)

She’s in a weird limbo between needing a nap (or else she’s whiny at 5 pm) and needing to not take a nap so she’ll actually fall asleep before 9 pm. Bedtime has become a challenge, with several calls for water, a trip to the bathroom, someone to rub her back, and general whining. She doesn’t nap at all at home; we’re looking forward to the preschool nap being phased out and evolved into quiet time instead. Then she’ll go to sleep on time at home on school days.

Four years of laughing, loving, and being our Owlet. We think she’s turning out just fine.

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