On The Bobbin: “Maid in Bedlam” Merino/Silk

Yes, after all those plans to write more often, I fell down a work-related hole and lost any time to do anything not work or childcare/house-running related.

Because I didn’t have spare time, my creative output has suffered, too. I’ve knocked out a couple of deadline blanket squares for baby blankets, but I haven’t progressed on my Old Shale Shawl, either.

Therefore, here’s a spinning update, because this is my self-imposed day off after a crazy, demanding work project that I worked overtime all weekend to get done, and before an enormous three-week project that I will start tomorrow. Turns out I don’t remember how to relax, and I’ve been pretty restless.

So I decided to really put a dent in this spinning project that has been languishing on my wheel. This is the “Maid in Bedlam” limited-edition colourway from the Sip’n’Spin tea and fibre ‘un-club’ event hosted by Daybreak Dyeworks, who created three subscriber colourways and paired specific teas with them. The parcel arrived in May and contained the tea, the fibre, and a cute little teacup charm that is now hanging from my control card on my wheel. (Seriously, tea and spinning. How could I pass it up?)

Maid in Bedlam colourway from Daybreak Dyeworks, May 2014

I split the fibre halfway down the length, and spun the first half worsted short draw. It insisted on being spun super finely; it measures about 32 wraps per inch. So that already meant it was going to go slowly. And then work hit, and end of school, and recitals and concerts and end of school stuff. I finished spinning the first half this morning.

Maid in Bedlam merino/silk from Daybreak Dyeworks, June 2014

Maid in Bedlam merino/silk from Daybreak Dyeworks, June 2014

I’ve just begun the second half, and because I’m bored of spinning it worsted from end to end, I’ve decided to spin the second half from the fold, tearing off chunks and wrapping them over my the index finger of my right hand, which means it will be a semi-woollen single, as I’m spinning it woollen from a worsted prep. Are you supposed to do this? Not really, in that singles spun in different ways means the resulting two-ply yarn won’t behave like a woollen or worsted yarn. But then again, it’s my yarn and I’ll do what I want, because I am the boss of it, and can make my own artistic decisions, so there. I’m doing a light worsted smoothing-down with my left fingers as I let the single wind on, so in effect the from-the-fold bit lets me spin a bit faster and may blend the colours a teensy bit more. That’s all.

It’s a lovely colourway, and I’m enjoying working with it a lot. It looks like the final yarn will be laceweight.

I’d love to have it finished by the Tour de Fleece that starts on 5 July, because I am weird about wanting my wheel and bobbins clear for my TdF project. That will involve a trip to Colette’s spinning studio for base fibre, then some dyeing, and beads. That’s all I’m going to say right now…

LATER: Well, drat. The semi-woollen isn’t going to work; I can’t spin as finely as I do with straight worsted, and I want the two singles to be at least mostly even in grist. Fine. Back to short backward draw worsted it is.

3 thoughts on “On The Bobbin: “Maid in Bedlam” Merino/Silk

  1. Carol Knox

    Thank you for posting this: you have inspired me to get back to that huge pile of fiber that has been staring me in the face for several months. Your singles look absolutely lovely!

    1. Carol Knox

      Well, now you’ve alerted me to something else I should get involved in! I have some llama fleece that I have to finish and then it’s on to all that wool that I’ve neglected all winter. Yea to getting out on the deck with my wheel.
      Have a wonderful concert today. Wish I were close enough to come listen!


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