Eleventh-Hour Concert Announcement

Apparently, my fracturing time sense has affected my perception of the timing of journal entries, as well as my sense of when the next concert is actually taking place. I mentioned my next orchestra concert in passing here a week and a half ago, and then was convinced that I had ages of time in which to post a dedicated entry with more details. And yeah, that hasn’t happened. (People with a better grip on time may also have noticed that I am five days late on Owlet’s 20-month update, too. Allow me to say: Zero spare time, workingworkingworking, it will be up soon and backdated for your reading and viewing pleasure.)

So yeah, orchestra. Hey, there’s a spring concert! And it’s, um, this Saturday!

Take a look at this lovely evening of a Serenade to Spring:

    Albinoni: Oboe Concerto, op. 7 no 3 (soloist: Stewart Grant)
    Elgar: Serenade for string orchestra
    Grant: Sinfonietta
    Elgar: Chanson du Matin
    Beethoven: Symphony. no. 2

Sparky is absolutely fascinated that our conductor is going to be the oboe soloist for the first piece. How is he going to conduct and play, he wants to know? (I have told him that it is a mystery, and he will just have to wait and see.) We are also playing a piece composed by our conductor, his Sinfonietta co-commissioned by the Oakville and Brampton Chamber Orchestras. It is a very bright piece, with great rhythm and movement in the melodic lines

The concert is taking place at 7:30 PM on Saturday April 13 2013 at Valois United, our orchestra’s home, which is at 70 Belmont Ave (corner King) in Pointe-Claire. Admission is $10, free for children 18 and under. The concerts usually last just about two hours, including the refreshment break. There are driving directions and public transport info on the church website. Children of all ages are very welcome.

4 thoughts on “Eleventh-Hour Concert Announcement

  1. Pasley

    Your spring concerts…Elgar…oboe…*sings* ‘These are a few of my favourite things…’

    We will try very hard to make it. It will require a bit of juggling, but we will try.


  2. Ceri

    Going to try to be there, with Scott if possible. All depends on how Saturday goes. :) In any case, have a wonderful concert!

  3. Autumn Post author

    You people are amazing! If someone told me that there was an event on in four days, I’d throw my hands up in the air and say, “There’s no way.” <3


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