Milestone: Check

We were sitting on the kitchen floor this morning, watching a batch of oat-banana-cranberry toddler-size muffins bake in the oven. Owlet pointed at the oven and blew in short little huffs, which is her way of indicating something is too hot to touch. (She picked it up because we blow on hot things to cool them down enough to handle and eat.) Then she pointed at the reflections and babbled a bit. “Who’s that?” I said. I touched my chest, then hers, and said, “That’s Mama; that’s Owlet.” She tried to sound out the name, so I repeated it with very clear enunciation. And she repeated it after me, very clearly. “Who’s that?” I said, pointing at her reflection. And she said the name very clearly again.

Baby can finally say her own name? Check.

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