We Regret To Announce…

… that Owlet did not, in fact, repeat the five-hour stretch of sleep last night.

Instead, she slept for ten and a half hours.

Then she was up for her usual two hours, albeit an hour and a bit earlier than usual, and then, like clockwork, started rubbing her eyes and grizzling for a bit of nursing and her first morning nap. She fell asleep at 7:45, which means that nap is clocking in at 75 minutes right now, although I hear her moving into lighter sleep. I was honestly expecting a twenty-minute nap, as usual.

If this were not March break, the timing would be problematic, since we usually have to be walking to Sparky’s bus stop at 8:20. But Sparky is currently watching cartoons on PBS, so we’re just going with it.

It was really nice to spend time with HRH this morning before he left for work. Owlet was so incredibly smiley and relaxed after a beautiful night of rest. And I cannot deny that after dealing with waking up every two hours for I don’t know how long now, a solid stretch of sleep from ten-thirty till five-forty was absolute bliss.

Is she heading into a growth spurt? (Oh, please, yes; let her stretch out a bit, after eating like a small horse and packing the pounds on for a while.) Is her light/deep sleep pattern just finally starting to mature a bit more? Who knows? What I do know is that this is most likely a one-off, and we’re still going to have the general waking-at-the-light-sleep-part-of-the-cycle during naps and nights, so I am not expecting miracles or even any significant change. I also know that our road trip this weekend is going to probably smash any chance of this settling into the rule rather than the exception. That’s okay. We know she’s capable of long stretches of sleep now. On one hand, that’s grounds for being all the more frustrated when she doesn’t do it when we’re tired and cranky; but on the other hand, it’s a promise of a better things to come, whenever that may be.

(See how rational and positive I can be when I’ve had sleep?)

2 thoughts on “We Regret To Announce…

  1. Ceri

    But why, WHY do they always start sleeping through long stretches right before a road trip? It’s like they KNOW.

  2. Autumn Post author

    Storing sleep up for the trip so they can be awake for as much of it as possible? I don’t know. But you’re right.

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