I have just sent Harry Potter off to school. I don’t know who’s more excited about this costume, the boy, HRH, or myself.

Oh, heck. We know it’s the boy.

HRH built that broom and wand from scraps of wood in his school workshop. Here’s a better photo:

I made the robes from scratch; I think the material cost me all of $15 (yay for the bargain shelves at the fabric store). We bought the glasses, but that’s the only thing we purchased for the outfit. The crest is an iron-on transfer we printed out from an Internet image. If we’d had time we would have made the gloves and shinpads, too.

(Personally, I think the argyle socks make the outfit.)

This was so much fun. There is, alas, a no brooms-no wands policy in effect at school (no accessories of any kind, it’s a safety thing) which was very upsetting to the boy, because he desperately wanted to show them off (and I cannot blame him, because just look at how awesomely cool they are!). So we did a photo shoot this morning and printed out a couple of the pictures for him to take to school to share instead.

The school is doing their annual costumed Halloween walk just before lunch today, a police-accompanied neighbourhood tour that allows the kids to show off their costumes to the other kids and get some fresh air before they settle down to an afternoon of parties and haunted house activities the older grades put together for the younger kids.

There will be more pictures taken tonight, of course. I hear a very tiny superhero will be making an appearance…

7 thoughts on “Halloween!

  1. Darroch

    Wow. That’s got to be one of the best HP-themed costumes I have ever seen, and the fact that Liam fits the role physically kicks it so far over the top that the top is no longer within eyesight.


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