An Aside

The boy put his ear to my belly yesterday and said, “She says she wants to come out now.”

NO SHE DOESN’T. This is not a one-upmanship thing, where my children compete to see who can be born the earliest. I forbid it. 28 weeks is NOT ON. She’s in there till at least 36 weeks or she’s grounded forever.

6 thoughts on “An Aside

  1. cate

    But…but…I haven’t finished her blanket yet! (I’m well into the border, though.) She can’t want to come out before she’s got a proper blanket or two. You have nutty weather up there. Blanket stashes are a given. She does not want to learn this the hard way.

  2. Blade

    Seriously Liam, time to learn there are times when it’s best to keep your mouth shut.

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