Momentous Decision

We (meaning the wheel and I) have made a decision regarding what we will spin first together.

It is not the Rambouillet. Nor is it the Wensleydale. Nor is it any of the indie dyed Merino I have, or the BFL, or the very squooshy Polworth I have, or the last half of the yellow/orange not-as-squooshy Polworth I started on the Louet. Nor is it the Romney I scored from Feeling Sheepish last year, or the batts from SpinKnitandLife, or the Fleece Artist braids from Mahone Bay in 2009, or the Lorna’s Laces roving Ceri bought me before my first wheel arrived. Nor is it any of the undyed fibre I have tucked away for basic spinning and dyeing purposes. I had it all spread out on my office floor today, trying to figure out what would be best. (Yes, I have a fibre stash. Do you want to make something of it?)

It is a wool/bamboo blend dyed by Projekt B for Ariadne Knits that I bought last summer because I’d never spun anything like it. I love the green/olive colour range in this. I have two knots of the fibre, one in this colourway, one in a red/yellow/brown colourway I chose because the colours were outside my comfort zone. There’s two ounces of it.

I wonder if my subconscious is offering support to Jodi by spinning something with bamboo in it. I think I chose it because it’s super soft and I love the colours. There’s a touch more yellow in the colourway than the photo shows, and it’s not quite as celery-coloured; it’s very spring-like. I haven’t tried spinning a bamboo blend, not like this; there were streaks of bamboo in the HAY batts I spun last summer at the sheep to shawl event, but they were so streaky that they essentially slipped right out of the fibre as I spun. I have most of it stuffed into one of the pockets of my spinner’s lap cloth, actually. This is well and truly blended, so we shall see how it spins up. I’m looking forward to the soft silkiness and the pretty colour on my wheel.

4 thoughts on “Momentous Decision

  1. Ceri

    (Yes, I have a fibre stash. Do you want to make something of it?)

    I was hoping you would make something out of it instead.

    (And then I could steal it and make something else of it.)

  2. Autumn Post author

    Sometimes I just like spreading all my braids of indie fiber out on the floor and admiring them. There’s so much potential there! That’s why it can be hard to choose what to spin next; you’re choosing one future for that braid, out of all the possible futures for it, and what if you’re wrong? (If you’re wrong then you had fun spinning it, and you remember the colourway, and dye some up yourself. Yay for mucking about with the Crock-Pot!)


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