Today’s To-Dos

Things I should do today:

    * Practice the cello (lesson tomorrow; I need to look at the final pieces in Mooney Position Pieces vol 1, review the first movement of the Bazelaire and play through the second movement in prep for beginning it, and probably drag out Elfintanz again, too)
    * Run errands: mini grocery order, buy printer ink cartridges
    * Bake a cake for tonight’s coven meeting
    * Finish the first pass on the edits of the repurposing project (This is frustrating because I’m considered the ‘author’ for this part of the process, but none of the manuscript is my words or arguments; I moved someone else’s around. So when the editor asks me to clarify or explain or support my claims, I’m at a loss because I didn’t write it.)

What I could do, or want to do, instead:

    * Reskein my lovely finished singles Merino yarn on my brand-new swift and photograph it lovingly; also, cuddle it
    * Curl up on the chesterfield under an afghan with reference material for book #6 (Have I mentioned that here officially yet? Well, I’ve got a new book due to be handed in in May. More news as I have it and can release it.)
    * Working on my swap parcel for my first swap project ever (My initial plan has to be discarded due to time constraints, alas, but I have a back-up plan that involves weaving.)

What I am hoping for:

    * One of the four freelance cheques I’m waiting for to land in my mailbox (I know there was a holiday in there, but my sense of time passing does not acknowledge that)
    * Any of the books I’ve ordered for research to arrive in the mail

What I have to do:

    * Pick the boy up at school to (a) go to the library to return due-today books, and (b) go to buy his first cello music book.
    * Think about dinner (augh please no I am so tired of meal planning and food in general… oh, hmm, maybe pot roast. There, that was easy. I have to go take it out of the freezer now.)

Things I have already done:

    * Took the boy to the bus stop
    * Caught up on correspondence and news
    * Paid bills!

It was -20 C this morning, and I woke up incredibly achy. Fibro, I do not love you.

LATER: Go me; I did everything on this list except the finishing the first pass of the editing, and the three things under the could do/want to do list. Well, I did dye yarn for the swap, but that happened while I did other stuff.

No research books arrived, but the biggest of the four freelance cheques landed in my mailbox (YAY!). Ironically, so did our city taxes for 2011. That can be paid in four much easier to swallow instalments, though, so hurrah. This freelance cheque means paying a big chunk of Visa, socking some away, finally buying Amanda’s extra iPhone, and ordering my long-awaited treat for myself, my Saxony wheel.

5 thoughts on “Today’s To-Dos

  1. Lu

    I’ve instituted Monday night soup. I make it on Sunday which means that by the end of Monday’s back-to-the-grindness, supper’s already made and all I have to do is pick up a baguette on the way home, sometimes getting brie or pate or both to compliment it. We’ve had French onion, seafood chowder, carrot (twice, because it was quite popular), a homemade ham/pea, and creamy spinach. I can send you the recipes if you’d like.

  2. Autumn Post author

    You know, that’s a really good idea. Thanks, Lu! I have tonnes of soup recipes, so I’m fine in that respect. Soups are tricky here, too, because HRH has Childhood Issues with them and the boy adores some but rejects others utterly. I’ll start trying a regular Monday soup night thing. Goodness knows I have enough turkey stock to use as bases for the entire year!

    Wednesdays are Breakfast For Supper nights, because I have to be out of here before 7:00 for orchestra: sausages, toast, eggs, fried potatoes. Sometimes pancakes if we don’t have enough eggs for everyone. Fridays are homemade pizza nights, although the boy has been resisting that lately as well (why? I just don’t know, I thought all kids adored pizza). I like that I don’t have to think about what to have for supper on those nights, so making Monday a soup night is a good idea.

    When I was growing up Friday nights were spaghetti night. I should throw that in there as a regular weeknight supper somewhere, too.


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