Our Best 2010 Holiday Photo


That’s my dad and my son in the cockpit of a 727. There is so much awesome in this picture I can’t even begin to catalogue it all.

(What, my version of a holiday photo isn’t what you expected? Actually, we didn’t take many Christmas pictures; we rarely do. We’re usually busy.)

ETA: People who read this via LJ, it has come to my attention that some of you are leaving comments on the RSS feed at LiveJournal. I don’t get those; I just happened to trip across one today because my feed showed up at the top of my LJ friends page. Not only do I not get your comments, they are gone along with the syndicated post in two weeks. Please leave them on the original non-LJ blog post instead! All you have to do is click on the original post link at the top of the syndicated post to be swept through to Owls’ Court proper. A bonus enticement to get you to click through: You’ll actually see the pictures and images in my posts! Because no, those don’t always get syndicated along with the text of my posts for some reason.

2 thoughts on “Our Best 2010 Holiday Photo

  1. Prospero's Daughter

    That smile of his is awesome! and so is the pic.

    So what if it’s not “traditional” it’s great!


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