Point-Form Randomness

1. We have a washer and dryer being delivered on Monday. HRH will hook them up that night, and then Tuesday? Tuesday I will revel in washing towels made filthy by the move and the post-move week. Probably just in time to find the box of extra towels and sheets somewhere.

2. HRH is assembling the BBQ. His dad went all out: there’s a propane tank, lava rocks, and charcoal, plus an extra grill to put in above the main grill. I should probably root about in the freezer and find something for supper, shouldn’t I.

3. I finally got to sort all the boxes of baby clothes. I dragged them all out of storage and sat outside on the grass while the boy played, separating things into piles to donate to the Compassion people, and a pile of Keep Because It’s Awesome (I cannot give away any of the things with foxes or trains on them that my mum got from Gymboree, I just can’t). So tiny! I handed the boy his first pair of Robeez slipper shoes and they were smaller than his hand. I cut things down to a third of what we’d had. The boy sorted through the box of baby toys, too, quality-testing everything for Ada when she visits. (He also voluntarily sorted my pincushion for me that morning. Very helpful indeed.)

4. HRH painted the kitchen last night. All of it. Both coats. And he freehanded the trim. The man’s a miracle, I tell you. Apparently tonight’s the hallway.

5. The boy’s last day of preschool was fine. I think it was harder on us and his educator than on him. They did their best to make it a regular day, and they sent him home with a box that proved to have his three favourite toys in it (including the black and white stuffed cat he called Maggie that the educator had to actually separate him from early on because he was getting too attached to it); a photo of him, his best friend, and their educator; and the name tag from his Superman naptime mat. We were very touched. HRH said he was going to miss them, and no wonder; he saw them twice a day for two years, spent a lot of time talking with them morning and afternoon, and we shared the raising of our child with them, after all.

6. Our first visit to the local ice cream parlour last night (recommended to us by the preschool!) was incredible. HRH had maple ice cream that had real tire and maple sugar nuggets in it. I had espresso ice cream that had shards of good chocolate and crushed coffee beans in it. The boy revelled in sickly-sweet Rolo ice cream. Apparently they close for the fall and winter, and that date’s coming up in mid-September. Sounds like we’re going to have to get a lot of ice cream visits in over the next two weeks.

7. Gryffindor has finally gotten over his fear of the stairs and now runs up and down with us. He’s not entirely comfortable in the house yet, though; he’ll often sit in the storey we’re not in and yowl until we call him to us. The girls are fine and have been since day two.

8. My stamina is shrinking by the day. Now I can only go for brief bursts of unpacking and rearranging before I fall over. It’s very frustrating.

Okay, enough. Now beer, and watching HRH assemble the BBQ.

5 thoughts on “Point-Form Randomness

  1. Scott

    “he’ll often sit in the storey we’re not in and yowl until we call him to us.”

    Miho does the same thing.

  2. jan

    Arin, of Gryffendor: “he’ll often sit in the storey we’re not in and yowl until we call him to us.”

    Scott: “Miho does the same thing.”

    Saash does that too, and Grimshackle did as well.


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