Weekend Roundup: Sheep to Shawl/Alexandria/Maxville Tour Edition

Giddy from the house news, we left Saturday morning at about ten to nine to drive to Alexandria ON for the Twistle Guild’s Sheep to Shawl event. Held at the Glengarry Pioneer Museum, this was an informal small gathering of fibre artists and vendors. It was a lovely day. We had three brief thunderstorms roll through, but we just hitched our wheels and chairs closer to the centre of the awning we were under and kept on going. The boy had an enjoyable day playing about and visiting the various buildings on site one by one, eating his picnic lunch (packed in his new Artoo lunch box, a birthday gift from Ceri and Scott!), and petting the local cat, who was very friendly indeed. He took me on little tours to the museum buildings after HRH has taken him to see each one, showing me the interesting things and explaining various items to me. There was a sheep shearing in the early afternoon, which was very interesting to watch and fascinated the boy:

The Twistle spinners are a great bunch and I was made very welcome. I spun up all 3.5 ounces of the HAY batts I’d won from Phat Fiber a couple of weeks ago. I got a lot of comments on it from both spinners and visitors; I suspect this is due to the fact that I was the only one spinning something brightly coloured (and possibly the only one using longdraw; I didn’t get a good look at what others were doing, but my impression was that their hands were all very close to their wheels). I was very good and didn’t buy anything, mainly because I had no money, but also because I am now aware that anything brought into the house needs to be moved in four weeks. If the rest of my summer wasn’t so wildly booked I might have planned to head up on a Friday to spin with them again.

Things started packing up around threeish, mainly because it looked like there was yet another thunderstorm rolling in, and I was the last spinner to leave. We headed over to Darroch and Carolyn’s, where we were soon joined by an ever-increasing crowd of assorted friends and relatives. At Darroch’s request I made what is known as Evil Chocolate torte, the flourless chocolate cake I’d made for a gathering there before, which went over very well with the crowd. The boy and I went to bed around eight, and the next morning we had coffee and tea with our hosts while the boy had two bowls of cereal. Just past nine AM we headed over to Rowan Tree Farm to visit with t! and Jan, who fed us brunch, too. The boy checked on the chickens and ran around madly with their dog Carter.

Time with friends is always much too brief. We left for home around midday, all thoroughly exhausted. The boy and I watched movies while HRH went and sanded plastered drywall, and we ended the day with homemade pizza. Everyone slept like logs.

Today has been handling the slew of congratulations and questions about the house, and negotiating another editing gig. My lovely editor put me in touch with yet another in-house project looking for someone, and I talked today with the project’s editor about reducing a manuscript for republication. My bid to raise the fee for the project gig was met with regretful refusal due to their budget constraints, so I’m working within their budget. I was psyching myself for a two-month turnaround, but it turns out the delivery date is in mid-November, so I’m slightly giddy and somewhat relived that I won’t be trying to cram it into my life along with the move. And Jeff and Paze stopped by to give me their birthday gift, a lovely selection of handmade chocolates (which are very, very good indeed).

And in final news, the boy has scraped more elbows and knees in the space of three days than ever before, and he also consumed a full litre of milk in about twelve hours. I think we’re seeing a growth spurt.

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