Thursday Activity Log

Today I:

– cleaned off my desk and filed stuff
– RSVPed to a wedding
– wrote a journal post about cello
– more househunting research
– baked cookies (there wasn’t enough flour to bake bread)
– made frosting and iced the cookies
– started the freelance thing (only one hour; my focus is non-existent)
– final edit on recital programme
– wove another foot of blanket
– watched the 1994 film version of Little Women
– glued the velvet into the cello stand that’s been just lying there for ages

Our agent asked for my househunt spreadsheet. I am amused by this, and kind of proud of myself for having it so we can all keep track of what’s come up, because wow, there have been a lot of properties flying around in this hunt for a house: properties we looked at online and ruled out because of no basement or not enough bedrooms on the same floor or some such thing, houses we asked to see but were already sold or in negotiation, houses we visited and crossed off the list for some reason, and places we visited and approved of. I knew it was time for a spreadsheet when houses started coming up again in searches and we couldn’t remember why they’d been ruled out. Apparently there is a rotten tactic on the part of some agents where they sell the house but don’t mark it as sold so they can net more queries and redirect interested parties to other houses in their portfolio, which explains the lack of ‘sold’ identifier on the listings and my frustration in trying to keep them straight. (Are they sold? Did the negotiations fall through and it’s still on the market? What?)

4 thoughts on “Thursday Activity Log

  1. Pasley

    You are providing me with a lot of very useful tips for when our house hunt begins!

    Had you seen that version of Little Women before? Funny—there are so many versions of it (four others that I can think of, including a made-for-tv version in the 70’s with William Shatner as the professor), and none of them are quite right. The 1994 version is, I think, the most faithful to the book.


  2. Autumn Post author

    I saw it opening day (Christmas Day!) with my mum, and she gave me the film on VHS when it came out (in a two-pack with the June Allison/Elizabeth Taylor version, actually). I love Christian Bale as Laurie, and the design and the general production; Winona Ryder as Jo doesn’t sit properly with me, though (although I was more resistant to her when I first saw it; her portrayal must be growing on me) and why they dyed Gabriel Byrne’s hair black I do not know but it drives me crazy. Like you, however, I think it’s a remarkably faithful adaptation of the book. I should buy it on DVD, actually.

  3. Pasley

    I wouldn’t go buying it on DVD just yet if I were you . . . ;)

    As much as I’m not sure about Ryder being the right choice for that part (though she gives a fine performance), I’m positive that June Allison is just plain weird in any movie, though I have a soft spot for that version since it was the first I ever saw, and I remember having a tiny crush on Peter Lawford—a crush which continued when I saw him in Easter Parade. (The poor guy never gets the girl in any film!) I sort of liked Katherine Hepburn in the role, actually, but that’s probably mostly because I have a soft spot for Katherine Hepburn!

  4. Autumn Post author

    Heard and understood about the DVD! :)

    I liked Hepburn, too, but she still isn’t quite right. I suspect Jo is one of those characters who can never truly be captured to everyone’s satisfaction (something like Elizabeth Bennett?). And as for the June Allison version, I can’t get past Elizabeth Taylor as Amy; she’s too old, and those blonde ringlets make me snicker.


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