Weekend Roundup

Yes, another boring recap of my scintillating weekend activity. It’s for my records, after all.

My very sore throat of Thursday developed into a full cold on Friday. I slept badly Friday night but got up at 7:30 to make sure that I had a leisurely morning before heading off for my cello lesson at 9:00. It was a great lesson with some excellent breakthroughs (such as one doesn’t move one’s left elbow forward while crossing strings, one moves one’s forearm, so as to avoiding “breaking” the wrist; I love making discoveries like that), but it was an intense lesson and very draining. Got home, put down the cello, picked up my bag of fibre projects and supplies, and packed the loom into the car, and HRH, the boy and I headed back to the West Island. They dropped me off at Ceri’s, where we were having our monthly craft session, and I got a quarter of the loom warped. The boy and HRH went to Tal’s house to help move some furniture around, and the boy had a terrific time playing with the young lady of the house. They picked me up a couple of hours later, sharing some of the delicious quiche and apples and cheese and cucumber sandwiches we’d assembled for lunch before we all departed. When we got home we managed to get the boy to nap, despite it being almost two hours later than usual. I napped as well, being totally flattened by the morning and early afternoon. When we got up the boy asked to play Lego Star Wars, and played through two new levels of it mostly on his own, with just a little help from us, for which we congratulated him enthusiastically. Evidently my nap refreshed me, because while he did I made my homemade iced cappuccino (slushed milk, cocoa, brown sugar, and coffee in the ice-cream maker), a batch of chocolate-peanut butter cookies (kitbashed together from two different recipes plus cocoa), and I made another homemade spaghetti sauce for supper. I even remembered to put the clocks back on Saturday night.

It was rainy and windy and damn cold when we got up on Sunday. We had our regular pancake breakfast, I mixed up a batch of bread dough and set it to rise, and then I packed the boy up (an hour later than I wanted… we were all rather slow) and we ran errands together in the storm. I exchanged my new red earbuds for lavender ones, we picked up cat litter, and went to the library, where I discovered that I had a late book for the third time in my life. (All three times have occurred in the last year. Hmm.) While the boy napped I warped another third of the loom, got dinner in the slow cooker, and then headed out for our monthly group cello lesson, where I played my lines rather better than I’d anticipated. It’s so much easier when you hear the other lines and figure out where your line fits in (Yes, I realise this contradicts my complaint of last month, where I said that I couldn’t play my line because I didn’t know how it fit in. Yesterday was magically different. Or I practised the new material. One of the two.) We also sight-read two pieces, a cello quartet arrangement of the theme from Haydn’s quartet op 76 no 3 (we sight-read this one last time, too, but we all had different parts this time; last time I think I had the viola part, and this time I had the first violin) and a piece by Rameau.

I was exhausted but restless last night, and slept badly again. My back has been achy for three days straight, and while my cold is almost gone, the boy is home with me today because he now has an occasional cough and has a bit of sinus congestion; we weren’t sure whether to send him to preschool or not, so we erred on the side of caution. We kept him home but when I spoke with his educator she said she had the same thing, and if he was the same tomorrow to send him in anyway. So he is home with me today, and is very energetic (as always; we know he’s really ill when he is listless). If I felt better I’d take him out to the park or something, but I suspect we will do crafty things instead.

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