Warning: Technology Upgrade Ahead

I’m about to start trying to install the new wireless modem. If we vanish from e-mail and online interaction for a couple of days, you will know that things went horribly, horribly wrong.

Wish me luck.

(At least I got the penultimate draft of the book layout to Emily yesterday; I wanted that done before I tried this, just in case.)

ETA, 30 minutes later: Huh. That was fast. How refreshing to have something go well the first time when dealing with this company. The wireless through my Mac mini even works; my iPod Touch is accessing the Internet with great glee. Did you miss me?

2 thoughts on “Warning: Technology Upgrade Ahead

  1. Autumn Post author

    They’re not Apple, so it may be an issue, you’re right. But my main units are functional, so I’m happy. I’ve lived this long without the Wii and the laptop being online that if they get there it will be a bonus.


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