Weekend Roundup: Sunday, Holiday Recital Edition (backdated)

After Friday and Saturday came Sunday!

Sunday morning we had a great pancake breakfast, and then I sent the boys out to do the weekly grocery shopping. I still wasn’t feeling all that great, and I wasn’t risking going out when I really needed to be in the best shape possible for the concert. They came home (HRH had picked up a small turkey for our chest freezer!), we had lunch, packed everything up, and headed out.

I went right into the seniors’ residence where we do our concerts, and the boys went right around back to the yard, because we’d promised the boy he could play in the snow until it was time for the concert. Apparently they found rabbit tracks, which kept the boy busy for quite some time. While they were out there it started to snow, too, which wasn’t a surprise; light flurries had been predicted. In fact, they had so much fun they actually missed the beginning of the concert, but they got in and settled down to enjoy most of it.

As I mentioned elsewhere, I preferred the dress rehearsal version, but the different venue may have influenced that. I had a weird disconnect happen about fifteen bars into the duet where my left hand went to the completely wrong place on the fingerboard (wrong position, wrong notes, wrong everything) in a place where I have never had a problem ever, but overall it was all right. The unison bits were lovely, and I stuck the landing. I felt off in every group piece except the opening one, though (and in the Ave Verum Corpus, in which I was playing a line I’d been switched to a week ago and played it very well, but the piece didn’t feel tight overall). Our last piece was pretty good, too, and it was a challenging all-cello version of the William Tell theme, complete with a guest flute playing the opening theme. Hopefully we left them all with a good impression. I was so proud of the littlest girls; they’ve improved audibly and visibly in the year since I’ve met them. And it’s so interesting to hear other students play pieces I’ve played before; everyone does them differently.

When we left we walked out into a snowstorm, something decidedly more dramatic than the so-called ‘light flurries’ that had been forecast. HRH had promised the boy a trip to Tim Hortons if he was good all day, and he had been, so we got to have warm drinks and a doughnut each on the way home. We also needed to stop and get the boy new mittens, as his old ones were wearing through (and soaking through!), and as luck would have it we ended up buying the wrong size (2-3X may fit well on a relaxed hand, but as soon as he starts playing they’re too tight and leave a gap between his hand and the sleeve of his coat).

Then it was home, dinner, a snuggle in bed, and a chapter of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe read aloud, and then bed. A full weekend, even though I cancelled half my scheduled events.

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