7 thoughts on “Ta-Da!

  1. Ceri

    That is so very cool! (Also, can’t believe you’re finished already!)

    Oh, and I would like to point out that as recently as the crafting weekend you were wibbling about ever navajo-plying again.

  2. Autumn Post author

    Bah. That was three whole weeks ago. *waves a hand dismissively*

    It is very, very pretty, isn’t it. I am jumping up and down a lot.

  3. Paze

    I have been eagerly following these posts, but have been out at work and not able to comment (or, at least, did comment several times, but was screened out).

    It looks completely amazing, and Devon is a lucky lucky girl! Being seven, and not fully comprehending all the hard work you have been putting into this gift, she will very likely not appreciate it as much as she ought. But I know she will be touched that you made this by hand, and she’ll love it besides. Thank you in advance and on her behalf.


  4. Autumn Post author

    Yes, I don’t know why the comments were strenuously quarantined; I found and released a few yesterday and today. Odd, that.

    I know that she won’t *fully* understand, but she will love it a lot, and she is a rather perceptive child. I think I’ll be more than adequately pleased with her reaction. Besides, I’m not doing this t impress her; I’m having fun, and I want her to have fun with it too when she opens it. And curiously, there;s less stress doing something like this for a child, because they do accept gifts in a very different way than adults do.

    Now, I need to start trying to think of something parallel to do for Tallis in five or so years…

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