Sparky: Upholding Voter’s Rights…

… even when the country’s not his own.

SPARKY: [enters MAMA’S office and sees a picture of BARACK OBAMA on the computer monitor] Who’s that?

MAMA: Barack Obama. The United States, which is a country just south of Canada, is having an election, and Barack Obama is one of the people running for president. Remember when we went and voted for our government? The United States is having their election in four days.

SPARKY: [as he turns and dashes out of the office] Okay! I’ll be there!

My son is nothing if not supportive. I wish more people of voting age had his enthusiasm about elections. I mean, this kid is ready to go vote in the US election, and he’s (a) not American, and (b) not of legal age. But then I’m not American either, and I’m ready to vote in the US election just to help make sure the country doesn’t shoot itself in the head again. Or at least shoots itself in a different way this time; one cannot know until one has tried.

ETA: I should probably link the post I was reading when Sparky came into the office.

3 thoughts on “Sparky: Upholding Voter’s Rights…

  1. Blade

    They’re gonna shoot themselves in the head again, but a different way, and continue to do so until they’re silly two party politics dies.


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