It is really so very hard to do these evaluations when the manuscripts are awful. I have to couch things in diplomatic terms and come up with suggestions of how to improve it. It takes at least twice as long on a bad one as a good one takes. Fortunately I get two or three good ones for every awful one. I told Ceri I was work-avoiding yesterday, and she said, “So I take it This manuscript doesn’t need an editor, it needs a paper shredder is right out as a commentary?” That’s kind of where things are at right now.

I have finished the basic review; now I have to go through it and make sure my formatting is correct and I’ve said nice things before I say mean things. Diplomatically. Ugh.

To give myself breaks from it throughout the day, I have baked maple walnut muffins (note to self: when you make them half the size, reduce baking time accordingly, you idiot) (but it’s all right, Liam won’t care if they’re a bit crunchy; he’s a sweetheart that way), I have done laundry, I have eaten lunch. Now to the final step of polishing the review and sending it off. It has to be out of my hands by the end of the work day or I will go mad.

Ye gods, orchestra tonight. I should kill this headache that is spawning in my lower skull in plenty of time.

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