Delays, Delays

Despite being told I had a new assignment on Friday afternoon the required manuscript still hasn’t appeared in my work folder. I’ve sent a second query to the controller; we’ll see what happens. They’d better adjust the due date accordingly.

The good thing is that my copy of Strings just landed in the mailbox, so I have something shiny to distract me while I wait. I think I will attempt some soup, too, and maybe a cracker or two. I wish we had a Lipton’s chicken noodle packet; there’s something comforting about fake soup, although the recipe seems to have changed. As it is I believe that there’s a can of minestrone in the pantry.

I should activate the new phone, too. Unfortunately, transferring my account to a new phone can’t be done online; I have to actually speak with a customer service agent. I’ll wait until it’s past lunchtime to do that, though, or I’ll be on hold forever.

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