According to the ongoing preschooler-provided narration coming from the next room, there is some sort of Tragik Drahmah going on in the Isle of Sodor, AKA the train set laid out on our coffee table. There’s lots of “Oh no!”, “Thomas, are you okay?”, “Help, I am falling!”, “You did it, yaaaaay!”, and “AAAAAH! UUUURGH!” done in a fake whisper-scream, accompanied by the clunking of wooden trains and the click of magnets and the occasional train whistle as enthusiastically rendered by the boy.

And then I heard him say, “Oh, James, what has occurred?” I missed whatever James may have said in reply because I was too busy trying not to laugh. Someday I will teach him about five-cent words, ten-cent words, and twenty-five-cent words, and when it is appropriate to use them. But not today.

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