Huzzah! The first kids-only (except for their parents, and the grown-up kid!) birthday party has come and gone, and not only are we alive, we’re pretty darn pleased with it all. The boy behaved beautifully, from the moment he jumped up with excitement and exclaimed “My friends are here!” when the door bell first rang, to the hugs and thank yous as he opened gifts and then again as each friend left.

This year’s masterpiece, designed and decorated by HRH:

(Do you sense a theme to this year’s party? Invitations, thank you cards for the little gift bags given to each attendee, and yes, he was even wearing a Totoro t-shirt I made for him using a transfer.)

Note to self: morning birthday parties with a bit of lunch for the kids = awesome idea. Perhaps next time I should make a third pizza or a second foccaccia, too, and not burn the front edge (first time I made pizza in the new oven, argh… at least now I know to do it at a lower heat). The boy is now napping soundly, and will be able to play with his new toys once he wakes up. He already made me assemble the play shopping cart and roamed all over the house with it on the way to bed for a rest (including two bathroom trips).

It was fun to play with little friends we don’t see that often, but there was also a touch of sadness, as Liam’s friend Arthur is moving to Windsor with his parents on Monday. They were the last to leave, and the boys gave each other a couple of very sweet hugs. We’ll miss them.

I’m thankful the rain held off so everyone could run and jump and play outdoors. We ended up taking the food outside, too. All in all, a good morning. Now that it’s over, I’m not quite sure what to do for the rest of the day. I didn’t sleep very well last night, but I’m restless and can’t settle down. I would eat cake, except my last solid meal was thirty-one hours ago and a piece of foccaccia, three cups of tea, and a square of cake haven’t done much to fill the gap.

And I have to admit that I actually did make cookies this morning, because there was so! much! frosting! left over. In the shape of threes, naturally, following through on the ones and twos I made for the previous birthdays. Liam helped me frost them.

Thanks to everyone who came out, especially those with other commitments weighing on them in the form of packing, sick kids, and other birthday parties to travel to. We appreciated everyone’s company!

2 thoughts on “Party!

  1. paze

    We all had a terrific time!

    (Glad Liam likes the shopping cart. I only wish the photo on the box had a girl AND a boy on it; honestly, the sexism almost turned me off buying the thing at all!)

    Devon says thank you very much for the goodie bag(s)!!


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