Today, I got last week’s manuscript evaluation back, with comments and requests for a few tweaks.

The good? I am, apparently, awesome. And looking at the few edits and changes the co-ordinator did in the evaluation, I am more than on the right track; I am in the zone. They love me. Virtual high-fives, everyone! I am an evaluating goddess!

The bad? I need to rework an entire section because I pointed out weaknesses and didn’t suggest solutions. I need this like a hole in my head. (Actually, maybe a hole in my head would solve the perpetual headache I seem to have.) When am I going to do this? Worse, how? I didn’t suggest solutions because I couldn’t see any at the time. [ETA: Oh good; they need it back tomorrow sometime, so I don’t need to turn it around in the next two hours.]

The other bad? I spent so much time making sure that this, my first official MS evaluation, was okay that I ended up diluting the per-project fee down to about $5 an hour. This extra bit is going to further dilute that. I know, I know, I’ll get better; I certainly won’t stress about it and poke at it so much in the future, now that I know the way I handle it is all right.

I need to go take a lot of Tylenol and lie down for a bit. Then I’ll come back to it and give it a shot.

In other news, I think I have a workable new introduction for the previously-known-as-hearthcraft-book, but I am having a lot of trouble facing the rest of the book to find places to insert title-associated information. I’m so disillusioned about it. I can certainly compromise and meet people halfway on projects, and have in the past about certain things, but this is a really, really bitter thing to swallow.

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