This is by no means a done deal — in fact I have no idea if I’ll do it or not — but:

I’ve just been invited to replace Laurie Cabot as a guest speaker at this year’s Hamilton Pagan Pride festival.

I haven’t said yes. I said “Urk” and “OMG” and “I’m honoured” and “Let me know more about what you expect out of a guest speaker before I decide, please”.

I’m wondering how desperate they must be for a replacement if they’re asking me. Apparently Brendan Myers gave them my name, gods bless him. I don’t know whether to thank him or hit him with a book when I see him this July.

This isn’t the first time I’ve been invited to speak at a festival or conference. The year the boy was born I was invited to speak at the Spirits of the Earth festival (which didn’t happen because, well, premature baby and green witch deadline, and the logistics would have been nightmarish), and I was confirmed as a guest for the 2006 Gaia Gathering but had to cancel because of family stuff and finances.

So. Yes. That’s what new in Autumn-land.

I’ve bashed out a new intro to the hearthcraft book intro to reflect the new title, and now I have to walk away from it before going through the rest of the MS and inserting appropriate references to said new title. Maybe I’ll play the cello for a while. After I take something for this headache that has crept up out of nowhere, that is.

7 thoughts on “Floored

  1. scarletcougar

    OH! PS… Robyn and I had lots of discussions about supporting the Canadians here. We are both speaking at the Hamilton Pagan Pride festival too.

  2. Blade

    You do realize you have several books and your name is starting to pop up when I ask people “what they read recently?” (TWKWK) It’s only natural that people are going to start to want you at lectures and things. Go you!

  3. Brendan Myers

    Yes, I did suggest your name to Amanda Hyde, the woman who runs Hamilton PPD. Evidently she agreed that you would be an excellent person to speak at the event. I’m glad of it. Besides, who is Laurie Cabot anyway? *grin*

    Whatever you decide to do when we meet, please let it be something other than hitting me with a book.

  4. Owldaughter Post author

    By the time we’re face to face I’m sure the urge will have passed. *g* Is the Montreal launch in July, or August? I’ve seen it listed as both in different places. If it’s July I’m going to end up missing you yet again, as it turns out I’ll be in Oakville for the last two weeks of that month.

    Will you be at the Hamilton PPD as well? It ‘s on your home turf, after all.

  5. Brendan Myers

    The book release in Montreal is 19th July: presumably right when you are in Oakville. But Oakville is around the corner from here, so perhaps I can find you for an afternoon cuppa tea around that time. And yes, I’ll be at the Hamilton PPD, probably doing some workshop and book-promoting thing. I’ve attended it for the last two years, and always enjoyed it.

    “We must stop meeting like this…”


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