The new luthier just called! There’s a 7/8 cello that just arrived in the South Shore workshop! The price is hilariously low, which leads me to suspect that it might be very entry-level, which isn’t what I want, but I’ll check it out anyhow to be sure. I have a tentative appointment to go try it out Saturday morning.

I was looking at mine today thinking that it needed a new bridge and so forth. I’ll be taking it with me, of course, so I’ll ask what the cost of replacing that might be while I’m there. And I will type out here that I need new rosin, so maybe I won’t forget to pick that up too.

ETA: Have confirmed appointment Saturday morning at ten! Hurrah! After doing a bit of research I am very certain it’s below the level I want, but if I like what it is I may ask them to order in the next level or two up for me. I wouldn’t be able to buy this one now anyway; it will be a month before the cheque for the hearthcraft book arrives.

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