Hearthcraft Book Update

I hate working after the boy has gone to bed. It pushes back my falling-asleep time by a few hours, since it takes me a while to wind down. I felt it necessary tonight, though. There’s a lot to do.

As a result the book file is now basically done up to Chapter Five, minus a sentence here and there that I’ve marked. There have been a total of ten pages deleted today, mostly through cutting out lines here and there (the six pages gone at one blow aside). It flows. It’s tighter. I’m being merciless about the bits needing too much work to be completed.

On the other hand, I discovered a new hearth goddess today, so hey.

There’s a chapter and a half of hard copy edits to transfer to the file, and then I run out of edited hard copy. Since I have zero attention span and focus working on the computer in the forenoon, tomorrow morning is reserved for hard copy editing; after lunch I’ll return to Chapter Five and start transferring.

The file currently stands at 55,167 words and 224 pages. I’ve paused at page 84 in the file, and at 120 in the hard copy. Lots of stuff goes out, other stuff goes in.

I should eat, but I’m really not hungry.

12 thoughts on “Hearthcraft Book Update

  1. Ceri

    On the other hand, I discovered a new hearth goddess today, so hey.

    And my brain immediately screamed “She was behind the sofa the whole time!”

    And I can’t decide if that’s a good or a bad place to find a hearth goddess either…

  2. Owldaughter Post author

    You’re not far off. You wouldn’t believe how many kitchen deities live behind stoves.

    If there’s a deity behind my sofa, it’s s deity of dust bunnies and feral Cheerios.

  3. Ceri

    You’re not far off. You wouldn’t believe how many kitchen deities live behind stoves.

    I cannot wait to read this book.

    As to the deity behind your sofa, it’s also the denizen of returning toys that have ‘gone back to Grandma’s’, and is on friendly terms with your son.

  4. Owldaughter Post author

    I can’t include all the hearth deities; most of them would just be a list of name, country/culture, and the words ‘hearth deity’, which is kind of useless. I think I’ve included eight or so.

    I believe the deity under the couch has partially come into existence by the will of the boy, and if he’s creating deities at three-years-less-two-months then we should all run screaming in the opposite direction.

  5. Ceri

    The boy also invites thunder and lightning to play with him, and I’m not unconvinced they might respond. Perhaps we should really be worried about this.

  6. Ceri

    Am I allowed to be glad that teaching him not to destroy the universe is your job, not mine? Most parents only have to worry about their kids hanging out with the wrong crowd and whatnot. Yeesh.

  7. Owldaughter Post author

    You are most certainly allowed, and we wouldn’t take it the wrong way at all. I’m hoping most of the please-don’t-destroy-the-universe training comes from exercising common sense, something we are trying to instil in him anyway.

    (Hopefully the common sense bit will also serve him well with the wrong crowds and such.)


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