Hello, Wall…

I have spent the day wandering aimlessly through the copy-edits, forgetting what I’m looking for and waffling between agreeing with the copy-editor and asking to stet some of the capitalization changes. On the up side, I’ve discovered that I want to change how I present the term ‘neopagan’ (Neopagan, neo-pagan, Neo-Pagan, neo-Pagan… gah) because this would make the fourth time it’s been edited differently in a book of mine, and darn it, I’d like to at least present a façade of consistency. (Why did this not occur to me the other three times I went through copy-edits on a book? Who knows?) I changed a few other things I thought were fine on the first pass, and stealthily added about eight hundred words to the hearthcraft book while doing on-line research to avoid working on the copy-edits, plus more in a new document that I’ll have to rewrite and paste into the main file next week. It’s been the kind of day where if I knew this morning what I know now, I would have just spent the day on the chesterfield with a notebook and a pile of real books to sort through, and perhaps accomplished something more useful.

No, wait, I made two loaves of bread and some sweet buns. That was useful. Of course, I forgot about planning dinner, so that may cancel out the production of useful bread products.

Jan came over for our regular Friday writing thing and we had a couple of conversations about conferences and the pagan community that made me think about how I respond to both of these things thanks to past experiences, and decide that maybe, just maybe, the next time I’m asked to be a guest I might say yes.

Tonight is opening night for the show HRH is stage managing, so break a leg, all! (Or a string, if you’re in the orchestra.)

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  1. Ceri

    Jo Walton says she never gets so much work done on her current novel as when she has copy edits to do. To the point where her editors discussed sending her other people’s copy edits just to keep her motivated.

    I hope the show went well. I’m really looking forward to seeing it!


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