The Trials of Authorship

Sarah Rees Brennan made me laugh this morning:

Let’s talk about research. No, I don’t mean the comfortable kind of research where you sit with your glasses perched on the tip of your nose and go through sources until, by some crazed and circuitous route, you find yourself reading an essay on Stephen King’s Pet Sematary and remember you really only wanted to spend a minute checking how many days were in May.

The actual experience of research in the field is slightly different:

SARAH: Why would I pretend that I was writing a – oh my God. Oh my God, you all think I’m some kind of mechanics groupie, don’t you.
GRACIOUS LEADER (graciously): There’s no shame in it.

I departed. It might be nice to depart places with one’s dignity intact, but personally I wouldn’t know.

Book research and author photos are fun! No, really!

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