Hearthcraft Book Update

Total word count, hearthcraft book: 33,394
New words today: 2,356

Hearth deities and spirits, mostly, and four pages of automatic writing (which needs to be severely rewritten and inserted in the first and second chapters) about the concept of home-based spirituality (like what it is, and why it’s important). These are what I’ve been struggling with: they’re key to the book, and I understand what they are, but it’s hard to put it into words. It’s a start.

I’ve also been copying files from my hard drive onto my new external hard drive (500 GB! — more than six times the size of my primary hard drive!) as a backup. It now houses all my music files, plus backups of my photos and all my documents. It’s been taking a long, long time, because my USB ports on the computer itself are old enough that they’re first generation, which means my super-speedy external hard drive is being restricted to the speed of the very-not-speedy old USB ports. The copying has been taking up a lot of the computer’s brain, so things have been very slow in general today. It’s taken three days overall to copy all the stuff I’ve got.

I received three books in the mail today, all of which I have been waiting for for one reason or another. Much will be the curling up to read and make notes.

3 thoughts on “Hearthcraft Book Update

  1. Owldaughter Post author

    Yes, they’re in that chapter of deities and spirits, although I won’t be covering them in depth. At the moment they’re a note in a list, but they will be expanded to a whole paragraph someday.


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