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Lovely party last night. Missed those who couldn’t make it, and those who I didn’t get to talk to for more than a fleeting moment. I think it went well. I am very bad at evaluating these things because I use my own experience as a yardstick, and I spend most of my time rushing around taking care of people, then suddenly it’s over and I don’t remember most of it beyond pouring drinks and passing hors d’oeuvres.

That vaguely ill feeling I’ve been having for a week finally handed me its calling card last night. I am now the not-so-proud owner of the flu. Or rather, I seem to be waving goodbye to it; perhaps this morning’s horrors were its last gasp. I’m currently in the throes of the oh-ye-gods-I’m-starving-but-don’t-dare-eat-anything-other-than-a-few-soda-crackers stage of the excitement. It’s nice to feel positive about food again after a week of caring nothing for it (a particularly horrible experience around the holidays in our house, all the more poignant if you know anything about my mother’s holiday baking).

Apart from the sick bit, this holiday week has been a good one. It’s been nice not working, although I’m just as exhausted in a different way. There have been a couple of work queries, one a very interesting invitation from a large self-publishing corp looking for editors, that I will address in January. Well, except for the downstairs neighbour verbally abusing the boy this morning; that was not so much fun. It will be dealt with. But we used book gift cards a few days ago and came home with things for everyone to read, saw The Golden Compass and had a lovely lunch out on Friday (sans boy, of course — Not A Kids’ Movie), and checked out some sales. The tailored red wool winter coat I have been privately coveting was a hundred dollars off, but no longer available in my size, so that was the end of that. A good week in general, yes.

Two more weeks and we’ll know if HRH has the permanent position at the college. My advance payment for the hearthcraft book should arrive around that time tool. And I’m actually chipper about getting back to the writing of the hearthcraft book after the hiatus while I finished the edits on the YA submission. I don’t think I’ve ever looked forward to an early January this much.

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  1. Paze

    “Lovely party last night . . . . I think it went well.”

    It was and it did!

    Thanks so much for a wonderful evening . . . and thank you again on the Spiderwick book. Devon and I have looked through it several times now, and it is gorgeous and fascinating.


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