That outstanding cheque?

It arrived in this morning’s mail.

It is astonishing, and also somewhat sad, that I feel so much less stressed about life in general now. Even after making a day-by-day schedule with HRH last night that shoves everything we need to do before our Yule observation and Christmas into Friday. (Perhaps the lack of associated schedule-stress is related to the fact that Blade brought down a bottle of Talisker to share not long after we made the schedule and began watching The Nightmare Before Christmas last night. It was a good night indeed.)

8 thoughts on “Grateful

  1. Owldaughter Post author

    Ain’t that the truth. It wasn’t the gifting that was stressing me out as much as the lack of stability regarding rent and utilities. Of course, the constant reshuffling of holiday preparation (not that we do much of it, but still stressful when it can’t happen when we’d originally planned it) didn’t help either. Constant rescheduling (AKA lack of a different kind of stability) is something that really sabotages my serenity.

  2. rosy

    Three cheers for Canada Post!!

    And your reaction is perfectly normal, I think that’s all money is good for: that freedom from stressing about the mundane that it affords you.

  3. Owldaughter Post author

    Alas, this particular Talisker was not ours, but we can certainly invest in some… sounds like a nice way to celebrate the arrival of several due-to-us payments! SAQ, here we come…

  4. Ceri

    I think they make talisker out of happy, shiny sunbeams reflecting off the water. That is what it tastes like. (And that’s only the 10-year.)


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