Challenging Tradition

Ladies and gentlemen: the Incredibow.

Apart from the irresistible name it looks very gamba-like, a shape I’ve been interested in for the past few years. If there was a trial option I might have added it to my ‘this is something to try at some point’ list.

4 thoughts on “Challenging Tradition

  1. Owldaughter Post author

    HRH: Looks that way, doesn’t it?

    Ceri: I am boring; I’d go with a Black Panther. But if Random Colour ever suddenly (a) becomes everyone’s full-time job so we can devote the proper time and attention to it and (b) goes pro with associated support staff like a manager and coach, I’d get a Stardust (or maybe a Mirage for Tuesdays) and a Police Green, I think. Anything red would clash with the new corset, and blue’s your colour on the other side of the stage.

    (Damn it, I KNEW there was something else I wanted to bring on Saturday to show you — the corset!!)


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