Can The First Album Be Far Behind?

Sometimes this child is so punk it is unreal. Check out the sneer.

Of course, the kitten next to him, the cartoon sippy cup, and the Thomas the Tank Engine t-shirt do lessen the effect somewhat. (Thanks for the photo, Pdaughter!)

Reports on a most excellent weekend will follow later. I need to get back to work.

8 thoughts on “Can The First Album Be Far Behind?

  1. Paze

    Actually, I find that Thomas’ open, friendly smile only heightens, rather than lessens, the disturbing effect of Liam’s irreverent sneer! Yikes!

  2. Owldaughter Post author

    The kitten does not actually belong to Pdaughter; it invites itself in through the back door or a window and pretends it lives there. The other cats are okay with it, and Liam adores it because it lets him hug and squish and kiss it to death. Since it’s ignored by the family who owns the cat that birthed it earlier this summer (they also ignore the mother cat… who is now pregnant AGAIN, cue our snarls about irresponsible people) Pdaughter’s been feeding it. She started off feeding the skeletal mother earlier, and now puts two dishes out since the mama cat was letting the kitten eat instead. Someone’s got to feed them.

    But the kitten is indeed awesome and handsome, too. Liam walked into the living room the other day, holding the kitten around the middle so that it was all floppy over his arms, and said to Pdaughter, “Liam holding Minou!”… except the kitten’s tail was up and the head was bouncing off Liam’s knees. And the darn kitten just kept purring.


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