Absent Friends

Of all the days to have forgotten BunBun at daycare…

The boy is very out of sorts today (not surprising; we did two six-hour drives in four days and had lots of fun with Nana and Granddad and cats and cousins in between). After a couple of half-hearted nibbles of rice and carrots at dinner, he cried for no apparent reason as we changed him for bed (we suspect because HRH sat him on his lap to slip his pyjama shirt on — usually this is fine, just not tonight for some reason). He sort of settled down during the stories, but insisted on holding every regular toy I brought in to put in his crib (his arms got quite full) and sang snippets of the Cars soundtrack while HRH read. And then he had a little heartbreaking crisis when BunBun was not awaiting him in his crib after his stories. He didn’t have a tantrum — he whimpered BunBun’s name a bit, sat up and looked around, and said, “BunBun? BunBun in?” When I told him that BunBun had stayed to play with his caregiver, there were some big fat tears that rolled down his cheeks, a sob or two, and he lay down and pushed the little white rabbit he calls Peter away when HRH tried to give it to him. “No, no Peter,” he said, lying down and turning his head away, lower lip trembling. “Oh, BunBun, BunBun, BunBun in,” we heard him mumbling as we blew him kisses and closed the door.

He fell asleep in five minutes anyhow. But a bad day to have left BunBun behind.

Also: this morning I found that the tiny chip in his left lateral incisor at some point got chipped again, and is now a huge chip. Argh.

4 thoughts on “Absent Friends

  1. Paze

    Oh, the poor poor dear!

    Brings back so many memories of Devon and her beloved Po . . . and then Devon and poor, lost Basil. Even now when i think about Basil i get sad and teary-eyed.

    Certain stuffies become so vital to the entire family, really another member of the family.

    Hope Liam has a better day tomorrow.

  2. Phnee

    I shall have to dig out my old children’s book: “Ernest et Célestine ont perdu Siméon.” It was one of my favourites. Ernest is a large bear who has adopted Célestine, a young mouse, and acts as her surrogate father. In this story, Ernest and Célestine go for a walk in the woods, and Célestine accidentally drops Siméon, her stuffed penguin. Tears and much sadness ensue, but Ernest saves the day in a very creative way.

    It’s a book I loved so much, because what child doesn’t know the sadness of losing or forgetting a favourite toy? BunBun, like my Poudy when I was small, is more than just a toy. I hope he was recovered safe and sound.

  3. Owldaughter Post author

    I remember Ernest and Celestine!

    The good thing is BunBun is a Build-A-Bear bunny, so if he does ever get well and truly lost we can get another one.


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