Paying Less For Books?

The ever-weakening US dollar means that the printed pricing on books here in Canada is increasingly inaccurate. Consumers have been grumbling about this for ages. To be fair, retailers have been paying for the books based on the cover price, so for them to reprice the books to reflect an accurate exchange rate before shelving them for sale would mean a financial loss, something that’s hard to take in a business that doesn’t make much money already.

The Globe & Mail is reporting that Canadian retailers are going to see a price break in term of a reduction on their invoices from book distributors
. This is a great idea, except retailers are going to have to reprice the books themselves to reflect the savings. It will be interesting to see how widespread the practice will actually be. It will be challenging, because shelved backlist will still sell at the older printed prices as it’s what the store paid for the stock, and there’s no guarantee that every distributor will offer a discount to the retailer. Tricky…

One thought on “Paying Less For Books?

  1. Scott

    I think most comic book publishers stopped printing Canadian prices on comic book and TPs because of this. They have the luxury of not having to keep large stocks of books in print, of course.

    Although you’d think there would be a law somewhere saying you have to have a Canadian price on products sold in stores.


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