Weekend Roundup

I’m pretty out of it today. I’m fighting a bad sinus cold, and the medication I’m taking for it is making me feel loopy. Apart from that the weekend, though fun, pretty much wiped me out.

I’m very glad HRH and made it out to the museum to see the Once Upon a Time Disney exhibit on Friday night, even if we only got there 45 minutes before the museum closed. “You know we close at nine?” the kind attendant said as I bought our tickets. “Yes, but this is the only time we can be here before it ends,” I said. HRH and I go through exhibits at exactly the same speed, plus there really weren’t too many other people in our way, so it was the perfect time to have gone and the precise amount of time needed. I think we’d have appreciated another half-hour to go back and look at things that really interested us, but we got what we needed out of the visit. It was terrific to see the various European art influences on Disney design.

Saturday morning we went to an old friend’s wedding, and if I hadn’t had the wedding I’d had, I would have chosen to have this one. It was a perfect day with lovely weather, in a lovely location, with around fifty people in attendance, excellent food, and wonderful company. We had to leave before dessert, but such is the compromise when one has a child with his own social schedule.

We got home, changed, grabbed the boy, thanked Grandma for playing with him while we were out, and headed over for the last half of Arthur’s birthday party. It was great to unexpectedly see some people I hadn’t seen in a few months (and further proof, if it was necessary, that the world is a Very Small Place), and of course, fete the birthday boy. (Every kid needs his own pirate ship!)

Sunday I woke up with the cold worse than it had been and managed to slog through the morning while preparing for the Midsummer rit that afternoon. Said rit came off excellently, and was perfectly timed with Liam’s nap. Liam joined us afterwards for melon and Cool Whip and homemade lemonade, all of which was delicious. Then we headed over to the in-laws’, and moments after walking into the house the weekend and the cold caught up with me. I effectively passed out, unable to do more than utter monosyllabic words, watch Liam play, or eat more than three bites of dinner. Once home we put Liam to bed, I took more medication, and passed out at eight o’clock.

Theoretically I should be embarking on the first day of a four-week contract, but there’s been no communication from the company despite a prompt from me last Friday, so I suppose today is a bonus day. Good thing; I can’t really focus on much. I may try to work on my own stuff later; I may just crash and read.

3 thoughts on “Weekend Roundup

  1. Paze

    I believe today is a holiday for most Quebecers. It certainly has been for both Jeff and Devon.

    Get well soon!! Nothing like a summer sinus infection. You poor dear.

  2. Paze

    I meant to add—yes, apart from your wedding and our wedding that was just about the nicest wedding I’ve ever had the pleasure of attending.

  3. Owldaughter Post author

    Oh, I know it’s a holiday; it’s just that I was supposed to have the document by Friday, heard nothing the week leading up to it, and no response to my gentle prod on Friday at noon. It messes up my plans for tomorrow somewhat, as I don’t know whether to have Liam at home as usual, or to send him in to daycare expecting the document to arrive and the work to begin. It’s an expensive decision. Life being what it is, if I keep him home the document will arrive and I’ll have to field a whole bunch of questions and important responses right off the bat. If I send him in, there will be nothing.


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