Pandora Update

I now have an icon for the posts focusing on the Pandora book.

Total word count, The Moments of Being Pandora: 63,562
New words today: 1,392

I slacked. Well, I thought a lot, because the story’s at a point where I have to make certain decisions about the conclusion and Why People Did Things, and Are They Really Evil Or Is All This Just The Way The Universe Works (leaning towards the latter, actually, teaching my teenagers-on-the-verge-of-adulthood a Lesson that is satisfying in one way while being slightly unsatisfying in another) and once my internet connection had been restored I did some research, and then spent way too much time clicking through to various places I didn’t really need to click through to. The laundry’s done, though. Forgot to put the dishwasher on again, however. I’ll go do that now.

But I did slack. If I hadn’t kept wandering off I could have done more than this. Now when I sit down again I’ll be basically at the same place: exposition handled by a new character explaining his past and revealing that he’s not a Bad Guy (but his actions have led to something Bad happening), before my protagonists can act. Or come up with a possible plan to act upon, first. I hate this part of a story; picking through the potential paths I could take and trying to figure out which one would work best is not fun at all for me. I prefer it when my characters just go ahead and do things true to their personalities, and I discover the story as they go. Now comes careful plotting and pulling together of plot threads and pinning down certain things, and it’s been stalling me for months. Oh, I have the general outline, but it’s the tiny things that get the story from A to B to C that are frustrating me now. The details all need to be considered in order for it to work properly.

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  1. bodhi

    I bow before you. My word counts for anything I manage to get written are miniscule, and my world building and character development drives me nuts. Usually stops me in my tracks but not so much lately. Plot threads. Hmm, sticky.


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