P-Day Minus One, And…

Oh my gods, I have never made buttercream icing that TASTES THIS GOOD.

I’m sure Liam’s guests will forgive me if I serve them plain, frosting-free cake.

(Who am I kidding? There’s five cups of the stuff.)

I get to be artistic later this evening with brushes and pots of tinted icing and sprinkles. However this cake ends up looking, I will have had fun. I will pour myself a glass of wine (Do we even have wine? Hmm. Wait, no, there is port!) and enjoy myself. I may even call HRH in to advise, but only if he is drinking too.

LATER: 10:30 and we are not only done icing the cake, but cupcakes for daycare, baking and icing the cookies, plus we’ve cleaned up and washed the dishes! I have a sugar burn in the middle of my tongue from sampling the icing and licking my fingers. I threw about three-quarters of a cup out in the end; I’m astonished because I usually run out of icing before the project is finished and have to make more.

The cake looks awesome; we had so much fun. Liam is going to flip.

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