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  1. Scott

    April 24th according to a comment here : http://cinematreasures.org/news/15840_0_1_0_C/

    It was a terrible movie theater before and now it’s named after a bank. Apparently the most popular movie theater in Canada wasn’t making enough money for them, they had to sell their name as well. I guess people don’t like spending $12 on tickets and $8 on sugar water then being accused of piracy and asked to snitch on their friends; I can’t imagine why.

  2. Owldaughter Post author

    Wow; check out how awful the new signage looks in this flickr set (found via the link you provided above).

    The irony is that everyone will continue to call it the Paramount. And I will continue to ignore the theatre, unless it’s the only place showing something I actually want to see.

  3. lu

    wow. I didn’t think it could get worse. I’m a little bit snickery about the fact that Guzzo is lowering their prices.

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