Scratch Pad May 2

Happy anniversary, HRH! Eight years ago today we became engaged. I still haven’t completely forgiven you for proposing when I was exhausted and sticky from spilling apple juice on myself during our pause to rest in the middle of a long bike ride on a ridiculously hot day.

I just mistyped “polygamist” as “ploygamist”.

“Sleep”: something I only got 4 1/2 hours of last night, because of working on the tarot kit review (thus my brain was still active and wouldn’t shut up till after midnight), and waking up early before 5:00 thanks to intuition, twenty minutes before Liam’s asthma woke him up. Poor little guy is at home today, with HRH staying home from work to be with him.

Craving all sorts of bread today.

I am engaged in a morphological process. I love my job.

Back from lunch and had to take a tour around the desks to dodge the cluster of guys playing Guitar Hero.

I have just made sure that “cowbell” is restored to the dictionary. This dictionary: now with more cowbell!

Okay; now it’s all about moving things around to even out the numbers. Ugh.

I got an email dictated by Liam:
“Happy! Down wa car caarr oh hoo a a Liam Ma Ma Juice….Nemo!”
It made me smile. Apparently he had a nap that was just shy of three hours this afternoon. I’m not surprised.

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