Scratch Pad Apr 27


Damn. We may have just run into a problem that might affect the quality of what we’re trying to provide. Damn, damn, damn. It also possibly renders the work I did for the first two weeks I was here useless. Now we need to find another solution.


I just deleted the o, then the l, instead of the u from colour. Argh. Definitely lunch time.


Just loaded Meallanmouse down with piles of mini Cadbury eggs. Heh heh heh.


We could buy a Wii so that we would be able to use the product I’m working on, and if we get bored with it we could always use it to build our own robot.


Er… there are words in our database and we’re not sure where they came from. I think they have bred. My colleague thinks a test failed at some point and words that should have been rejected were instead added.


I enjoy my life. I mean really, how often do you get to use the word declension several times in one day, in casual conversation?


Goodness – I’ve now been here for a month. *blink blink*


Isn’t “in unison together” a redundancy? *beats dictionary*


I’ve offered to work on this at home over the weekend. I only have another two weeks, and with the two wonky discoveries today regarding words in the database which oughtn’t be there and the need to add new words that can be found in the source dictionary as opposed to the supplemental words I worked on the first two weeks I was here, we suddenly need to have a clean product to start from next week. The good thing I get to charge for my hours, whereas if I were salaried I wouldn’t.

Postscript: So much for that idea; I didn’t get the file I needed emailed to me after I left, only the updated supporting file. Oh well.

One thought on “Scratch Pad Apr 27

  1. Ceri

    No, no, no. If you get bored with the Wii, you can give it to *me* so I can play Zelda!

    Did I tell you my Dad won a Playstation 3? He won’t give it up to me or my brother. Insufferable! (Well, more the part where he won’t give it to *me*. The part where he won’t give it to my brother is kinda okay by me.)


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