Scratch Pad Apr 25

Un Lun Dun is reminding me of Neil Gaiman and Charles de Lint (not to take anything away from the genius of China Mieville himself). It’s like Gaiman and De Lint got together in Mieville’s brain and used it to write the book, only it’s not like any of them. (Really, this makes sense to me. It’s like, but not anything like. Honestly.)

Sorting this alphabetically was a good idea. There are doubles, and I can also see how many words have the same definitions for slightly different variants.

Oh, I see. It’s the air in here. I’m falling asleep. And it’s not that I’m tired; I went to bed at eight last night, fell asleep reading, was woken up by HRH to eat pizza at 9:30, then fell right back asleep again. I got plenty of sleep.

Editing! Actually editing! And now I look at things that I marked to be edited and wonder, “What’s wrong with that?”

Now watching the numbers skew madly as I start to adjust the levels on those words that really belong in another level of the dictionary. Oi. They should settle as I continue on, but for now there’s an awful lot of red of and blue on the totals page (these being the colours that indicate below or above our target number).

Yay – we’re back to the “huzzah!” feeling of succeeding in a good edit. I am such a geek.

It’s because I’m problem-solving. That’s why it’s so satisfying. I’m not just scanning lists of words to flag them for something to do later; I’m actively problem-solving.

Why is it that a lunch of fries, gravy, and cheese would send most people into torpor, but I am more awake than I’ve been in days?

Mellanmouse has given my name and contact info to her supervisors to proof her script when it’s locked, and has also suggested that I be kept on the permanent roster of freelancers. Am dizzy with opportunity.

For the past week I have had the oddest desire to go shoe shopping. What’s up with that? I hate shopping for shoes.

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